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Protective Masks

Protective masks are divided into air-supply protective masks and filter-type protective masks. Air filter masks can filter particles in the air, and block droplets, blood, body fluids, toxic gases, and secretions. Air-supply protective masks refer to air-supply protective masks in chemical factories, fire sites, or military chemical hazards, which are ordinary individual soldier protective masks.

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Product Description

A Protective Mask is a special labor protection article that protects the respiratory system of a person. Protective Masks generally consist of a poison filter box or canister and a mask body. The main body of the mask isolates the air and plays a role of sealing; the poison filter box and the canister play a role of filtering poison gas and dust. It is mainly used in working environments containing low concentrations of harmful gases and dust. Protective Masks are widely used in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, mining, metallurgy, military, fire fighting, rescue and disaster relief, health and epidemic prevention, science and technology and environmental protection.

Protective Masks

There are many types of Protective Masks, which are generally divided into two categories according to their structure and working principle: air filter masks and air supply masks.

Air filter mask

The working principle of the filtering mask is to filter the air containing harmful substances through the filtering material of the mask and evolve it before being inhaled. The structure of a filter mask is divided into two parts, one is the main body of the mask, and the other is the filter material, including filter cotton for dust prevention and chemical filter box for anti-virus and so on.

Air supply mask

It refers to a clean air source isolated from harmful substances, and is sent to the face of a person for breathing through a tube and a mask through a power action such as an air compressor and a compressed gas cylinder device.

Adopting electrostatic filter material and special activated carbon deodorizing layer, Protective Masks are used for the protection of particulate matter and organic odor, and are used in petrochemical, chemical,

Metal smelting and processing manufacturing is also used in some special forces.

High-efficiency electrostatic filter (beyond NIOSH requirements) has low breathing resistance.

Special deodorizing layer, feel the fresh air.

The types of respirators can be divided according to the shape of the respirator, the place of use and its composition.

Anti-gas respirators can be divided according to their shapes: flat respirators, cup-shaped respirators, valve respirators, and folding respirators. This type of mask is mainly used in low-density and low-poison places with normal air pressure and air circulation.

Mask type respirator, semi-mask respirator, single tank respirator, double tank respirator, isolated gas respirator. This type of Protective Masks is mainly used in high density and highly toxic environment!

The isolated respirator can be used in some special places, such as confined and highly toxic spaces, but the price is relatively high and it is not very convenient to use!

There are three main principles for choosing a mask:

First, the dust blocking efficiency of the mask. The dust blocking efficiency of the mask is based on its blocking efficiency against fine dust, especially respiratory dust below 5 microns. Because this particle size can directly enter the alveoli, it has the greatest impact on human health. General gauze masks, the principle of dust blocking is mechanical filtering, that is, when the dust hits the gauze, through a layer-by-layer barrier, some large particles of dust are blocked in the sand cloth. However, some fine dust, especially dust smaller than 5 microns, will pass through the mesh of gauze and enter the respiratory system. At present, there are some dust masks abroad. The filter material is composed of fibers charged with permanent static electricity. Respirable dust smaller than 5 microns is attracted by static electricity and trapped in the filter material during the process of passing through this filter material Dust really plays a role in blocking dust.

Second, the closeness of the mask to the shape of the face. Air is like water flow, where the resistance is small, it flows first. When the shape of the mask is not close to the human face, dangerous substances in the air will leak from the close to the human's respiratory tract. Well, even if you choose a filter with the best mask. Nor can it protect your health. Many foreign regulations and standards stipulate that workers should regularly perform mask tightness tests. The purpose is to ensure that workers choose appropriate masks and wear them in the correct steps.

Third, wearing comfort. Respiratory resistance is required to be small, light in weight, hygienic to wear, and easy to maintain. In this way, workers will be willing to wear them in the workplace and improve their productivity. At present, maintenance-free masks in foreign countries do not need to be cleaned or replaced, and are discarded when the dust blocking is saturated or the mask is damaged. This not only guarantees the hygiene of the mask, but also saves the time and effort of workers to maintain the mask. In addition, many masks are arch-shaped, which can not only ensure a good fit with the shape of the face, but also retain a certain amount of space at the mouth and nose, which is comfortable to wear.

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