Plane PM2 5 mask Manufacturers

Plane PM2 5 mask made in China can be offered for you at reasonable price from Our factory. Welcome to buy and wholesale Plane PM2 5 mask from Quanzhou waimaoniu Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. which is one of the manufacturers and suppliers from China. Plane PM2 5 mask with CE, FDA has suitable price. Do you want quotation? Of course, we can provide you with price list.
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  • PM2.5 mask refers to a mask that can effectively filter PM2.5 particles. The tightness of PM2.5 mask determines the ability to filter suspended particles. PM2.5 mask can effectively filter the invisible killer in the air-haze, virus, bacteria, dust mite, pollen and other small particles. PM2.5 masks are suitable for environments with poor air quality. The basic structure of PM2.5 mask is an antibacterial fabric on the outer layer, made of carbon fiber felt, polymer fabric, non-woven fabric, etc.