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Ultraviolet sterilizer

Waimaoniu Import and Export® Ultraviolet sterilizer is a UV sterilizer that uses special designed high-efficiency, high-intensity and long-life ultraviolet UV-C light generating device to irradiate flowing water to achieve disinfection. UV sterilizer has sterilization, etc. Features.

Model: HTM-8S

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Product Description

Buy Waimaoniu Import and Export® Ultraviolet sterilizer From Our Factory with High Quality in China

Ultraviolet sterilizer Specification:

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Item Type Portable Ultraviolet Lamp
Light Source LED
Lighting Angle 120 Degrees
LED Power 6mW
Luminous Power 10mW
LED Beads Number 2
Number of LED 24
Input Voltage DC5V
Working Voltage DC2.7-4.2V
Rated Power 10W
Rated Frequency 30Hz
Power Supply USB
Battery Built-in 200mA Rechargeable Battery
Charging Time About 30min
Working Time About 100min
Switch Press Button
Shell Material Plastic
Color White
Product Size About 120x30x21.5mm(L x W x H)
Package included 1pc x Portable Ultraviolet Lamp
1pc x User Manual
1pc x USB Cable
    QTY     50PCS/CTN
    G. W
    N. W
    MEAS     300 * 250 * 150 MM
    Single with packaging
    Net weight without packaging     43g


1. Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the picture
2. Please allow 1-3cm differences due to manual measurement.
3. The product is an electronic product, please wipe the dirt on the surface with a wet towel, DO NOTs wash with water.

4. How To Use:

(1) Press and hold for 3 seconds to start, and press the switch?
lightly, the light off indicating the ultraviolet lamp is turned off.

(2) The closer to the target, the better the sterilization effect

(3) Keep moving the same area for at least 10 seconds to ensure effective sterilization.

Ultraviolet sterilizer is a UV sterilizer that uses special designed high-efficiency, high-intensity and long-life ultraviolet UV-C light generating device to irradiate flowing water to achieve disinfection. UV sterilizer has sterilization, etc. Features.

Classification of UV Sterilizers: Living Equipment / Research Instruments
UV sterilizer English name: Ultraviolet sterilizer
Ultraviolet sterilizer function: sterilization

Ultraviolet sterilizer disinfection principle:

When bacteria, viruses, etc. in the water are irradiated with a certain dose of ultraviolet UV-C light (wavelength 253.7nm). Its cell DNA and structure are destroyed, and cell regeneration cannot be performed, thereby achieving water disinfection and purification. The spectral line with a wavelength of 185nm can also decompose organic molecules in water, generate hydrogen radicals and oxidize organic molecules in water to carbon dioxide, so as to achieve the purpose of removing TOC.

The disinfection principle of UV toothbrush sterilizers using UV steam technology has proven to be the most effective way to kill bacteria. Steam sterilization is very natural and safe, without any harmful chemicals. Compared with ultraviolet rays, it is effective in removing bacteria. Even doctors and dentists rely on steam to sterilize the most!

Ultraviolet radiation can kill bacterial cells. It is often used to kill bacteria in the air and on smooth surfaces (such as countertops), but there are many corners, gaps, and the area between the dark and toothbrush bristles cannot reach UV. Even after several UV disinfections, there are still potentially viable bacteria in your toothbrush bristles.

Another problem with disinfecting toothbrushes with UV is that they do not provide a sterile environment to store your toothbrush. Between these two, the toothbrush is left wet, and in a closed environment, it is susceptible to mold, and bacteria in the bathroom will contaminate the toothbrush again. In addition, many people do not wash their hands before brushing their teeth, which contaminates the handle and leaves a hidden health hazard. Most of the UV disinfection and purification work is only directed to the toothbrush head, not the overall treatment.

Ultraviolet sterilizer advantages:

1. High-efficiency sterilization: Generally, the sterilization rate of bacteria and viruses by ultraviolet rays can reach 99% -99.9% in one to two seconds.

2. High-efficiency sterilization broad-spectrum: The broad-spectrum sterilization of ultraviolet is the highest, it can kill almost all bacteria and viruses with high efficiency.

3. No secondary pollution: UV sterilization does not add any chemicals, so it will not cause secondary pollution to the water body and the surrounding environment, and will not change any components in the water.

4. Safe and reliable operation: Traditional disinfection technologies such as chloride or ozone, the disinfectants themselves are highly toxic and flammable substances, and the UV disinfection system does not have such hidden dangers.

5. Low cost of operation and maintenance: UV sterilization equipment has a small footprint and simple structure requirements, so the total investment is small, and the cost of operation is also low. At the level of 1,000 tons of water treatment, its cost is only chlorinated /2.

Third, the characteristics of UV disinfection equipment

1.Ultraviolet sterilizer uses high-efficiency UV-C (LL or LH) UV lamp

The world's leading low-pressure high-intensity ultraviolet lamp is selected, and the service life of the lamp is guaranteed to be more than 8000-10000 hours.

2. Ultraviolet sterilizer adopts quartz tube with high light transmittance and high purity, which can ensure that the ultraviolet rays transmit through more than 90%.

3. The ultraviolet sterilizer uses the world's most advanced constant and high-intensity ultraviolet special ballast, which can ensure the normal operation of the entire system under complicated conditions.

4. The ultraviolet sterilizer uses high-quality stainless steel as the reactor (304 or 316 material), and the inner wall of the reactor is specially polished to improve the sterilization effect.

Fourth, the inactivation effect of ultraviolet disinfection on microorganisms in water

Sterilization efficiency of ultraviolet technology to common bacterial viruses (ultraviolet radiation intensity 30mW / cm2)

kind name 100% kill time (seconds) kind name 100% kill time (seconds)
Bacteria Bacillus anthracis 0.30 Bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0.41
Bacteria Diphtheria 0.25 Bacteria Vibrio cholerae 0.64
Bacteria Tetanus 0.33 Bacteria Pseudomonas 0.37
Bacteria Clostridium botulinum 0.80 Bacteria Salmonella 0.51
Bacteria Shigella 0.15 Bacteria Intestinal fever 0.41
Bacteria E.coli 0.36 Bacteria Typhoid 0.53
Virus Adenovirus 0.10 Virus flu virus 0.23
Virus Phage virus 0.20 Virus Poliovirus 0.80
Virus Coxsackie virus 0.08 Virus Rotavirus 0.52
Virus Aike virus 0.73 Virus Tobacco mosaic virus 16
Virus Acovirus type I 0.75 Virus Hepatitis B virus 0.73
Mold spores Aspergillus niger 6.67 Mold spores Soft spores 0.33
Mold spores Aspergillus 0.73-8.80 Mold spores Penicillium 2.93-0.87
Mold spores Macrofaeces 8.0 Mold spores Penicillium toxin 2.0-3.33
Mold spores Mucor 0.23-4.67 Mold spores Penicillium other fungi 0.87
Fish disease Fung1 disease 1.60 Fish disease Infectious pancreatic necrosis 4.0
Fish disease White spot 2.67 Fish disease Viral hemorrhagic disease 1.6

DL-2020040742C HTM-8S EN 55014 

DL-2020040743C HTM-8S FCC PART15 

DL-2020040744C HTM-8S ROHS 2.0 

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