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There are also standards for children's masks

Children's masks cannot be replaced with adult masks. Because children, especially young children, have weak cardiopulmonary function and tender skin, children should wear children's masks. On May 6, 2020, approved by the State Administration for Market Regulation (National Standardization Administration), the world’s first national standard for children’s masks GB/T 38880-2020 "Technical Specifications for Children’s Masks" was released and implemented. This standard applies to 6 -14 years old children. According to the standard, children's masks must be greatly reduced by the index of respiratory resistance and ventilation resistance. At the same time, the standard recommends the use of adjustable mask straps to fully improve the comfort of children's wearing. Therefore, we adults need to look for the word "children" in addition to "medical" when buying masks for children.
Childrens Masks