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Did you use the thermometer correctly?


Due to the epidemic situation this year, the thermometer has also become a must-have for every household, but in the process of using it, are you using the correct method! Today, please share the correct use of the thermometer, and quickly learn together:


First, it is not recommended that you put the thermometer in your mouth to measure the thermometer. We all know that there is mercury in it, and many naughty children will have a greater range of movements, and they will bite off the thermometer, then mercury will It easily flows into our mouth, which will cause great harm to our body. In fact, the most correct and safest way is to measure it under the armpit.


Second, before we use the thermometer, we must first sterilize him with alcohol. Now there are some irregular clinics outside. The thermometer is not sterilized, and it is used directly by the patient. If this happens, we'd better Let doctors or nurses come!


The third is that we have a very important action before measuring the body temperature, that is, to shake the thermometer to below 35 degrees Celsius, otherwise, the body temperature we measured may be the last body temperature measured, Moreover, the measured body temperature is also inaccurate. When we are tossing, we must also pay attention to avoid touching the solid at the top, otherwise the mercury inside will flow out, which is very dangerous.


Fourth, how long is the most accurate time when we measure? When measuring, about 5 minutes is the best, because doing so will make the measurement more accurate and the effect will be better. After the measurement, our body temperature is about 36~37 degrees, if it exceeds 37 degrees, it means you have a fever, you must choose to go to the hospital for timely medical treatment, now everyone knows how we should be correct, correct Use a thermometer.