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Still worrying that the mask is too big to stick to your face?


According to the British "Mirror" report on July 9, in order to solve the problem of wearing cheeks and gaps in the chin, dentist sister Olivia (Olivia) shared on a social media abroad to make the mask fit the face Video, the result is widely sought after by netizens.

Since the outbreak of the new crown, people have been discussing the benefits of wearing masks. The latest research results show that wearing masks can reduce the risk of new crown virus infection by 65%.

Recently, the reopening of public places in the UK has increased the demand for masks by local residents. The British government also stipulates that residents must wear masks when traveling on public transport. However, because everyone's face is different, and the size of the mask is similar, many people face the problem that the mask does not fit the face, cheeks, or chin.


To this end, the female dentist named Olivia posted a video on the Internet titled "How to make the mask fit the face better", demonstrating how to fit the mask to your face.

In the video, Olivia washed her hands first (this step is very important), then put on a mask, pointing out that the mask forms a gap between the cheeks and chin. Afterwards, Olivia folded it up and down along the middle of the mask, and then tied the elastic ropes on both sides of the mask and the bonding area of the mask. At this time, Olivia put the mask on her face and tightened the seal. After a simple adjustment, the shape of the mask would fit her face well, leaving no space between her chin and cheeks. Olivia said that this method of wearing a mask is suitable for all people with small faces and masks that do not fit the face, allowing users to no longer leave a gap after wearing the mask.

The video released by Olivia is widely distributed on social media, with more than 3.4 million viewers. Many netizens said that the method taught by Dr. Olivias sister was really practical.