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Use appearance and packaging information to distinguish medical/non-medical masks


Distinguish by mask structure

Resolved by the filter valve. Masks with filter valves are generally not medical masks. For example, Article 4.3 of the Chinese Medical Protective Mask Standard GB 19803-2010 clearly stipulates that “masks should not have an exhalation valve”, so that droplets, microorganisms, etc. can be exhaled through the exhalation valve, thereby harming others. Civil masks are allowed to have an exhalation valve. The exhalation valve can reduce the exhalation resistance, which is beneficial for the operator to work for a long time.

Distinguish through the information on the outer packaging

The minimum unit packaging of mask products sold through formal channels should have information such as the name of the product, the standards implemented and the level of protection. The information expressed by these businesses can be used as a distinguishing point. For example, if the product name contains "Medical" or "surgical" and "Medical" in English, it can generally be regarded as a medical mask.