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Correct usage of cotton swabs


Once we said cotton swabs, we only thought of one thing: clean ears. But the purpose of cotton swabs is not only to clean ears, from housework, handicrafts, to beauty and art, cotton swabs can be applied to all aspects of your life.


One of the tasks we need to be very careful is to clean our precious jewelry. This is not a simple task, and you can use a cotton swab instead. This cotton is gentle and soft enough to handle expensive items. Here is a perfect way to soak your jewelry in a cleaning solution, gently wipe with your fingers, and then wipe clean with a cotton swab. Before putting it back in the jewelry box, be sure to rinse it out and let it dry.


The edges of your computer keyboard and mobile phone case are magnets for bacteria and dirt. By the way, these are things you touch every day. If you do not remember when the last time they were washed, then you need to buy a cotton swab and an alcohol and start washing it as soon as possible. Soak the cotton swab in alcohol and then start cleaning.


Take a cotton swab and remove all the trash from your car, then use a cotton swab and a detergent to reach all neglected areas, such as the seams on the steering wheel, cup holders and cracks in the seat. However, you still need a vacuum cleaner to clean the dirty car floor.


Dirty scratch marks can convince us that we no longer wear our favorite shoes, but even the most stubborn patent leather, all scratches can be erased. Simply put, take a nail polish remover to soak one of the cotton swabs, and then use it to gently scrub the area. Use oil jelly or baby powder to protect it after finishing. Soon after, your shoes will become shiny and smooth and ready for your next event as if they were brand new.