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Hand Soap

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Product Description

Hand Soap

Hand Soap

Hand Soap is a kind of skin cleansing liquid mainly for cleaning the hands. Some specific ingredients can play a role in disinfection and sterilization. It can be divided into ordinary hand sanitizer, disinfectant, and heavy oily hand sanitizer.

The chemicals in the Hand Soap may irritate the skin of the hands and people who are sensitive to the skin are not suitable for use. It is recommended to apply hand cream after washing, which is generally harmless.

Basic Information of Hand Soap

(1) The purpose of washing hands is to remove the stains and bacteria on the hands. Therefore, the washing power must be considered first, but the washing power and degreasing force are directly proportional. The excellent degreasing force is accompanied by the strong degreasing effect. Should choose a mild non-irritating surfactant.

(2) Rich and long-lasting foam and easy-to-rinse are important indicators of the quality of hand sanitizer products. Rich, long-lasting and easy-to-rinse foam can bring users an easy experience of washing hands without burden, so focus on formula design Consider foaming and stabilizing properties and ease of washing.

(3) The ability to remove bacteria is the key to real cleanliness of hand washing, and it is the reason that it is mainly used in public places as a hand sanitizer.

Product Categories of Hand Soap

(1). Ordinary hand sanitizer: cleaning and decontamination effect.

(2). Hand Sanitizer with anti / bacteriostatic effect: Antibacterial, antibacterial or bactericidal active ingredient.

(3) .Heavy oil stain hand sanitizer: cleaning of industrial oil stains (such as motor oil, gasoline, butter, diesel, etc.) and stubborn stains.

(4). Children's hand sanitizer: For children's hand sanitizer, non-toxic, non-irritating / low-irritating raw materials must be selected, and the amount of pigments and flavors should be minimized. Some green surfactants such as alkyl glycosides, amino acid surfactants, and plant-based emollients are often used in children's hand sanitizers.

(5). Water-free hand lotion

Another type of this product is the use of guanidine cationic fungicides and boosters, mainly for daily sterilization of the skin on the hands. Spray directly on the hand when using.

(6). Hand Sanitizer for Hospital

Therefore, there are two main types of hand sanitizers often used in hospitals. One is antiseptic / antibacterial effect, and the other is hand sanitizer products used under specific conditions before surgery and blood draw. The product is basically free of anionic surfactants. It is mainly composed of double-chain quaternary ammonium salts, chlorhexidine gluconate, chlorhexidine acetate, chlorhexidine gluconate, chlorhexidine gluconate, chlorhexidine gluconate, It consists of benzalkonium chloride, ethanol, isopropanol, polyhexamethylene biguanide and auxiliary agents.

Different hand sanitizers are different in the outer packaging. Ordinary hand sanitizers are generally "quasi-brand", while disinfection hand sanitizers are mostly "elimination".

Hand sanitizers are generally free of phosphorus, aluminum, alkali, sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate and other ingredients. They use mild decontamination principles and are easily accepted by the skin.

Washing hands

Moisten your hands thoroughly with water, take an appropriate amount of hand sanitizer and rub your hands thoroughly

For more than 30 seconds, in the process, pay attention to rubbing to the fingertips and finger joints, and allow foam to cover all parts of the entire hand. After rubbing, rinse with running water. Finally, pay attention to dry with a clean dry towel or paper towel, it is best not to dry, because the rapid evaporation of water on the surface will cause part of the skin to lose water, causing the skin to dry out and become rough.

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